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Modular Plant Design and Fabrication

We can design and fabricate modular chemical process systems and plants for you. Our modular approach provides a flexible plant building solution with schedule efficiency, higher quality and lower cost.

A modular plant includes all of the process equipment, instrumentation, valves, piping , and electrical wiring mounted within a structural steel framework (skid).  The skids are transported to the construction site, then erected and connected to form the larger process system. The advantages of choosing modular plants:

Higher Quality

Modular equipment is of higher quality tan traditional onsite-constructed equipment due to better communication between the design and building teams and controlled, production style construction.

Lower Cost

Modular plant reduces labor cost since it minimizes site work by arriving at the final site pre-assembled, tested, and electrically wired. Modular can also reduce capital cost thanks to efficient use of material.


Modular plants are fabricated in a safer, controlled environment at an offsite, indoor location. The equipment is less susceptible to damage during installation process compared to traditional plant construction. Fewer onsite personnel are required with less exposure to the typical hazardous construction environment.

Schedule Efficiency

Modular plants are constructed much faster than conventional plants. Since the modules are built indoor, weather delays are eliminated. 


Skid-mounted production units can be operated at one centralized location or at several geographically dispersed locations.

Modular Plant Design/Fabrication: Our Products
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